Thinking of running for Public Office? Here are the things you should do with your social media.

Social media has become one of the main ways the public gets informed about Politics, and the people who are running for public office. Social media can be your best friend or your greatest enemy, therefore it is vital that you make sure your profiles are doing you, and your campaign justice.


Get on Social Media

The biggest mistake you can make is not being on social media. With so many candidates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you are missing opportunities if you aren’t taking advantage of them. Yes, your election may still be won at the door, but not engaging with your future or current constituents after the door knocking is done is putting you at a disadvantage. If you would rather keep your existing personal profiles private, make new ones. It is, however, worth noting that only posting about your campaigning, makes you seem impersonal. So do post pictures of your day off, in your area, taking a walk with your dog. It will make you seem more human and approachable.


Get posting

Just making/ having social media profiles isn’t enough. You need to actually use them. Facebook and Instagram are your best bets at engaging with your community. Try posting a few photos from your campaigning days, or your work with your constituents and community. Be funny, be genuine, and use a variety of different posts. Try twitter polls, pictures, comment on news articles, and post new content. Simply retweeting 10 posts a day is not enough, you need to actually post new content yourself. 


Follow the right accounts

The first step to getting followers is following the right people. Follow politicians in your area, local businesses, community organisers, that coffee place on the high street everyone loves so much. You need to follow accounts that will post the kind of content you want to share.

Engage with your followers

Once you have followers, you need to engage with them. Respond to their comments on your posts. Make it obvious you want to help them get their thoughts and concerns to the right people.