UCanvass includes a Confluence Atlassian support system, with information pages covering all aspect of the backend admin panel, iOS and Android support.

Support hours

Our support team is available 08:00-18:00 GMT (London) for both e-mail and telephone support. Enterprise customers enjoy a dedicated support staff member available 24/7.

E-mail support

You can contact a member of our support team by emailing support@ucanvassapp.com and you can normally expect a response within an hour during normal Support Desk working hours.

Telephone support

A member of the team is available between 08:00-18:00 GMT (London) to receive support queries by telephoning 020 7776 9000. Enterprise customers will have a direct contact number for a support member provided to you after your account creation.

Help us help you

To ensure we are able to help you and your campaign, there are some aspects when request support that helps a member of the team provide support as soon as possible. 

Screenshots and details are important. Please reference the campaign name, user account and time/date when contacting support.

For issues regarding the web portal, we recommend using SoapBox extension available for the Chrome browser. 

Technical requirements for UCanvass:

Apple iOS phones:

To support UCanvass on your iPhone, it requires iOS version 10.0 or above.

Android phone:

To support UCanvass on your Android phone, it requires Marshmallow 6.0 or above.

UCanvass backend:
While the backend works on most common browsers on the market, it is recommended for support purposes that you use Google Chrome to manage your campaign.