Campaign websites are an important part of the campaign materials you will need to win your election. Think of your website as your internet poster, personal news site, and fundraiser. It is your best online tool to tell the voters about YOU. And since first impressions matter, you want to make sure that your website is the best it can be. Here are 5 things your website should be:

    • Informative

There is no point in a website that tells you nothing. Think of your website as a story. Your story. Everything on it should contribute to telling that story. You should be talking about you, your policies, and ideas. Another important thing is that you have to spell checked everything. Nothing is more embarrassing than having a website with spelling and grammar mistakes. 

    • Easy to Use

You don’t want people to get lost on your website. You want to drive them to the pages where you want them to go, primarily the page where they can donate to your campaign, and where they can volunteer. Don’t create too many pages, or buttons, or hide the donate button. You want anyone to be able to use your website. 

    • Aesthetic

People are drawn to things that look nice, so make sure your website is well designed. Pick a color palette, and stick to it. Preferably one already reflected in your logo. Pick nice pictures of yourself. Make sure text sizes and fonts are consistent. 

    • Multi-Medium

No one wants to read a block of text, so make sure your website has different ways of portraying information. Pictures are a great way to break up the text. While you are at it, why not include your campaign video. You have probably spent money on it, so use it. 

    • Simple

Now, number 1 told you to make your website informative, but that shouldn’t be a synonym for wordy. Neither are points 3, and 4 synonyms for complicated. Your website should be simple. Aim for 300 words per page as a maximum. Do make it too colourful, or put too many things on one page.