UCanvass is a NationBuilder partner

Simple set up

Connect your Nation with UCanvass in no time through the campaign creation process. Once connected, UCanvass will be able to import all the information from your Nation – including surveys, residence lists and other data.

We can also sync up your tags in relation to our surveys and questionnaires to better inform your campaign efforts.

Use your Nation to personalise your UCanvass experience

When you activate the sync between UCanvass and your NationBuilder account, your information automatically syncs across the platforms.

The data collected with the UCanvass system and synced into your Nation will fine point your metrics in the backend of your Nation to ensure the data you see, is helping you better understand your target audiences based on trends in the data collected together with NationBuilder and UCanvass.


Import/Export question sets: Build surveys that combine the benefits of both systems

Migrate NationBuilder survey questions:
Already have a campaign running? You can migrate your surveys at any time after account creation

Sync new voters/Streets:
Adding new voters/residents/houses/streets are automatically cross-synced between your Nation and UCanvass

Sync all results: Answers to all of your question sets are cross-synced, whether they are collected in NationBuilder or UCanvass

User stats: User stats such as houses canvasser, number of people spoken to all sync in your Nation profiles

What is NationBuilder?


NationBuilder is the best in class software for leaders. Unlike any other solution, the NationBuilder platform is fully-integrated with every tool and functionality you need, including UCanvass to lead–no separate website, database, email, social media marketing, separate event software, nothing. NationBuilder is the difference between winning and losing.

NationBuilder anticipates the challenges you’re going to face, appreciates your time crunch, and coaches you through best practices. NationBuilder constantly researching and innovating, keeping their customers at the forefront of what’s possible with technology. 

NationBuilder provides world-class DDoS protection to counter the real threat of cyber attacks by hackers trying to bring you down, keeping you organizing when it matters most.

NationBuilder is leadership software. It is more growth-oriented and engagement-focused than any other system, which means NationBuilder allows you to identify more supporters, engage them more successfully, and dramatically increase their impact. 

NationBuilder serves from the largest institutions and campaigns to the smallest start-ups. 

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