Free accounts for charities and organisations conducting welfare checks

This is an unusual time for everyone around the world and we at UCanvass want to do our part and that is why we are offering FREE unlimited access to UCanvass for up to 3 months to all local government and charity organisations carrying out welfare checks.

UCanvass has many features recommended to charities, local government, and other organisations while lockdown and government guidelines of social distancing are still in place.

Telephone Canvassing: Greater utilise your workforce or activists by allowing remote working to survey residents, conduct welfare checks on vulnerable residents, or ring your activists to get feedback on internal operations. UCanvass allows you, with the use of an electoral roll or other data set, to simply click on a person to call them and then begin going through your survey or instantly collecting vital information for your organisation.

UCanvass provides you with multiple question types to ensure you collect the required data, in whatever form it is available to your organisation and activists.

Custom Surveys: We can supply example surveys depending on your organisation and your activities. All question types can be used with any of our campaign types, with the exclusion of ‘Take Photo’ and ‘Signature Capture’ in telephone canvassing.

UCanvass is happy to work with you and your team to figure out the best possible combination of question types to ensure you meet your objectives.

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