The Canvass Reform programme initiated by the Cabinet Office and the move to Voter ID requirements is pushing Councils to adopt digital solutions to meet the increasing requirements for integration with other databases to enhance security.

UCanvass is a mobile app that can replace paper forms entirely and deal with all the scenarios canvassers encounter on the doorstep:

  • Electoral register integration so canvassers work with the latest information
    • Before each canvass session, up-to-date data on registrations is uploaded so canvassers are not visiting people who have already registered
  • Connecting properties and electors with an assimilated voter registration function
    • UCanvass allows properties to be added and additional electors to be added as these are encountered while canvassing. Subject to back-end checking the register can be updated and corrected as the canvass progresses
    • An extension to the application allows unregistered voters to complete the gov-uk registration on the doorstep
  • Absent Vote applications completed on the doorstep with passport standard signature capture
  • Future-proof against future Voter ID requirements following legislation changes
    • The current legal requirements are incorporated in UCanvass already, but its flexible and adaptable back-end allows for future customisation to respond to legislative changes
  • Fully customisable manager function;¬†intuitive and easy to learn for in-house management

As a Council, you will benefit from a reduction in the time taken and the cost incurred in meeting your statutory requirements:

  • Limit the time spent on early administrative tasks
  • Elimination of all printing and postage costs
  • Greater security over paper forms
  • Work offline then sync at the base if working in poor signal areas
  • Canvassers use one piece of hardware and can handle higher numbers of contacts
  • More professional look and feel for both canvassers and the public
  • Use for ad-hoc canvassing outside the Annual Canvass