Way to Go! 5 Social Media No-No’s That Ruin Careers

Way to Go! 5 Social Media No-No’s That Ruin Careers In this day and age, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep your work and personal life separate online. It is unavoidable that journalists, potential future constituents and your opponents will look through your social media profiles in order to decideif you are … Read more

Spinning Webs: Sites For Sore Eyes

Campaign websites are an important part of the campaign materials you will need to win your election. Think of your website as your internet poster, personal news site, and fundraiser. It is your best online tool to tell the voters about YOU. And since first impressions matter, you want to make sure that your website … Read more

Won’t Vote, Don’t Vote: How America Lost Its X Factor

Voter turnout in many western democracies has been decreasing since the 1980s. Political scientists believe that, in the US, this is a result of politicians focusing their resources towards expensive media campaigns, instead of intensive local campaigning and get-out-the-vote initiatives. Moreover, negative campaigning and the use of attack ads and smear campaigns can turn voters … Read more