Campaigning in a pandemic

While there is little doubt that face-to-face campaigning is still a vital aspect of political campaigns, the current situation with Covid-19 has confined us to our homes for the foreseeable future. However, by placing us firmly behind our screens, the current pandemic gives us ample opportunity to rethink our campaigning methods. 

This is a time voters will definitely remember when going to the poll, so it is, in fact, a perfect time to campaign. What else are campaigners to do? Sit at home and watch old reruns of our favourite political shows all day?

Telephone canvassing

With most of us stuck at home all day, this is one of the only times where you can be almost certain that someone is going to pick up the phone. Think of this time as less of a promoting yourself the opportunity, and more as a time to show you care. Check-in with your supporters and with vulnerable members of the community. Ask them how they are doing, and if there is anything you can do to help them during this time. 

Email to supporters with helpful information

With so many different organisations performing so many different services, some people may find the amount of information overwhelming. Therefore, an email with helpful information of who to contact and their concerns, needs and questions is a perfect way to remind them that you are here to help them.

Advertising on Social Media

People are bound to be spending more time online, so this is a great time to advertise on social media. Try to spread positive messages and include your campaign logo so that people subconsciously associate positive messaging with your campaign. 


One of the reasons face-to-face campaigning is so effective is the fact that people see you and get to connect to you as a real person. Videos are a great way to replicate that personal connection. Be real. Be genuine. 

BONUS POINTS: Including your family pet is an excellent way to make videos memorable!