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Whether you are canvassing door-to-door, telephoning from a call centre or on the street collecting donation pledges, UCanvass can help in every campaign phase.


Charities of all sizes can use UCanvass for welfare checks, donation pledges for finance teams and feedback surveys to ensure your volunteers have the best experience.


Be it for charities, local action groups or medical organisations, using both face-to-face and telephone features, UCanvass can ensure you get help to those in need.

UCanvass helps with charities.

Digitising the way your local government teams conduct surveys, public consultations and enact the Canvass Reform Programme.


Planning applications, public consultations, resident surveys and opinion polls are just a few of the many ways you can use UCanvass to get desired results.


In person, by telephone or on the street. UCanvass helps you tag donation pledges for your campaign manager to process.


Our app keeps your data safe by being ISO17001 compliant.


Your campaign can choose to save data in the US or EU with Amazon Web Services.


You can add colours and logos to match your campaign.


17 question types to ensure you collect the right data.


Analytics to drive your campaign with accurate data.


You can add colours and logos to match your campaign.

UCanvass is an official NationBuilder partner.

UCanvass integrates with NationBuilder, the platform for leaders. The benefits of a NationBuilder website in combination with your UCanvass campaign, will modernise and upgrade your campaign to a new level.

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